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Interview in PLASTIKCOMB Magazine (US)

Earlier this year I was invited to do an interview for the second issue of Plastikcomb magazine - a new independently published art magazine from the US. The second issue, with a very generous 14-page feature on my work is now available to buy.

When I first came across this magazine last year I was immediately a fan as there is a handful of artists featured in the first issue that had hugely inspired me in the beginning of my art making. Not only that, it's a very well put together indie magazine with interesting layouts, completely unique to each issue. So it was an honour to sit down and answer some questions about my art, my practice and life in Denmark.

Plastikcomb 2.0 is available to buy online at In Perpetuum Publishing

Plastikcomb 1.0 has sold out at Stack Magazines (UK), magCulture (UK) and Cahier Central (France). But it's currently still available to buy at Slanted (Germany).


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