As I explore printed remnants of the promises of post-war culture and advertising, I collect weathered and discarded paper, vintage magazine and book pages, as well as found imagery that resonates with me visually or emotionally on some level. I also gather off-cuts and scraps of painted paper, stained paper and the occasional worn street poster.


My aim is to then construct tactile representations of transitory feelings or visions that emerge as I sift through that array of collected collage material. I allow my source material to present aesthetic directions in a process of cutting and pasting that is free-flowing and immediate, but at the same time visually coherent and deliberate.

I arrange, rearrange, crop, cut, fold, tear, scratch and peel back pieces to find interesting connections that reveal

an ongoing visual dialogue between graphic design and fine art. After every selected piece of collage is eventually fixed into place through a series of calculated movements, it is the viewer who ultimately completes the work by constructing their own individual stories based on what they observe.