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Upcoming: ‘All That Remains’

Posted in Art, Collage, Exhibitions, Galleries, Media, Mixed media, New work, Original, Paper, Press, Publication on September 17th, 2011

All That Remains
October 21st – November 19th, 2011
Ugly Art Room
338 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, New York
Opening Reception Oct. 21st 7-9pm
Guest Curator: Charles Wilkin

Participating Artists:
Paul Burgess, Virginia Echeverria, Fred Free, John Gall, James Gallagher,
April Gertler, Jenkins, Gordon Magnin, Clarita Mata, Jeffery Meyer, Tom Moglu, Randy Mora, Nicole Natri, Julien Pacaud, Ciara Phelan, Emmanuel Polanco, Eduardo Recife, Kareem Rizk, Javier Rodriguez, Valerie Roybal, Katherine Streeter, Leigh Wells, Charles Wilkin, Lionel Williams, Bill Zindel

From its abstract roots in Cubism to the political and counter culture movements of Dada and Punk, collage has always been a product of its environment. With the rise of 24 hour media cycles, social networks and search engines, contemporary culture has effectively rendered print media obsolete, creating a virtual boom in discarded paper ephemera for collage artists to examine and reinvent. Through these discarded remnants collage artists have become the archivists and activists of this post modern age, paralleling the frenetic pace in which we live while exposing the voyeuristic and often disjointed nature of popular culture.

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