Displace one note and there would be diminishment. Displace one phrase and the structure would fall. Rizk is a new discovery... I found the backgrounds very compelling because of their simplicity and texture. The nuances of gently shifting shapes of paper with muted tones appealed to me. Intrigued, I Googled and found a goldmine of work that made me completely jealous. Everything is a standout. Whether by glue or digital means, he combines a sparse few elements of paper and imagery into sublime perfection. Completely opposite to Brown (Colin Brown), who uses hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces in each work, Rizk sometimes uses as few as a handful of four or five. Nor do their themes overlap. What the two share, however, is that instinctive sense of composition.

Without a doubt, all of us can grow our compositional skills by leaps and bounds. But only to a point. There are obvious rules of order, but beyond that, there are finely tuned harmonies of hues and patterns and shapes and relationships so intricate that they seemingly leave the realm of art and move into science.

I don’t know if Kareem labours intensively over each piece, weighing decisions about placement and colour for hours, or if each piece is placed rapidly - but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that each element lands with bull’s eye accuracy every time. I hope it is not presumptuous to quote the film Amadeus in reference to Kareem’s art, but while sifting through the archives of his collages, a fitting scene from the movie came into my mind. Mozart’s rival Salieri was trying to explain the divinity of Mozart’s work. “Displace one note and there would be diminishment,” he said. “Displace one phrase and the structure would fall.

Lorette C. Luzajic – Author and Artist (Canada)

As an art developer and art director I come into contact with talented artists everyday yet rarely do they stand out as much as the creative and sublime talents of Kareem Rizk. His work is a compelling mix of mixed media, humor and subtle genius. Kareem continues to grow and challenge himself - making him one of the premier mixed media collage artists today.

Jan Weiss – Art Director and Author (USA)

I could fill my walls with the work of Australian collage artist Kareem Rizk. I felt a connection to it immediately. It’s exciting to find work like this.

I see so much on a daily basis as a blogger that often one thing blends into the next and I can feel a little lost in the great sea of it all sometimes. Not because what I am exposed to isn’t lovely, but in order to write about something it needs to reach me on some level... I need to somehow relate to it or understand it in a creative sense. This is all so hard to explain in words as it is very emotional and emotions are never easy to put into words.

The point is that I filter a lot of work on a daily basis and in the end, I write about what truly grabs me. Like Kareem Rizk. There’s a story in the layers, all of the found elements, paint, torn pieces of vintage papers, everything creates an emotion, a bigger picture. Something about the texture and imperfection, how random pieces connect to form a beautiful picture, it feels very alive and real.

Holly Becker – Author and Interior Design Consultant - Decor8 (USA)

Not only are Kareem’s artworks exquisite, they also offer a retro photo-graphical aspect that is so laid back it’s horizontal. Without being in your face, Kareem’s composition and eye for a picture will stun you silently. From epic photography to collages that will have you thinking, the retro imagery and inspiring layout of Kareem Rizk's artwork really will make you step back and wonder.

Art Traffic (UK)

I'm green with envy and speechless! This man's work is unbelievable – graphic design at it's best. Bold yet not show off-ish, exquisite composition, gorgeous colors, well-balanced typography, intriguing ideas and much more!

I'm talking about Kareem Rizk and his splendid gallery, full of beautiful objects of art, the kind you can't get enough of. Do yourself a favor and don't forget his name. I sure won't and I'll keep on checking his work again and again. Finding favorite designs was almost impossible with this artist! Kudos to him and if you get hooked the way I did, be sure to check his awesome website too. Way to go, mate! Keep on amazing us!

Surreality blog (USA)